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Img 20131031 030351 by XxXPink-KittenXxX Img 20131031 030351 :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 0
Torn Page
Her heart is like obsidian:
It's chipped away and wearing thin,
And black, though still it lets light in,
its edge grows never duller.
And mine, a page on which I write,
the names of those for whom I'd fight,
I've written them --black ink on white,
but the page grows ever fuller.
She noticed me, and saw the list
reflected in that black glass mist,
across the page that blade it hissed,
its cutting edge withstanding.
And when it ceased, the page did bear,
the names for whom I truly care,
With one more name along the tear,
In bright and vibrant color.
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Vicious Jack by XxXPink-KittenXxX Vicious Jack :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 2 Jack'd Sexy Balrog v2 by XxXPink-KittenXxX Jack'd Sexy Balrog v2 :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 0 Now, you've made me angry. by XxXPink-KittenXxX Now, you've made me angry. :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 7 0 Pink ID 2010 by XxXPink-KittenXxX Pink ID 2010 :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 1 Frenzied Banner by XxXPink-KittenXxX Frenzied Banner :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 1 0 Bloody Red Riding Hood Avatar by XxXPink-KittenXxX Bloody Red Riding Hood Avatar :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 3 0 Melancholy Warrior by XxXPink-KittenXxX Melancholy Warrior :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 1 0 Bloody Red Riding Hood by XxXPink-KittenXxX Bloody Red Riding Hood :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 1 0 Silverfang Eyepatch by XxXPink-KittenXxX Silverfang Eyepatch :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 0
Dear Diary,
I cut myself shaving today. I think, maybe my brain was too busy to notice, because as I cleaned the weeping wound, I felt no pain.
It had been raining all night. I was going to go out today, but I decided the rain was too miserable, so I slept in. Maybe it was just my luck that I was also hungry, so I got up and poured some cereal.
It was noon when I got back home with the milk and sugar, so I decided to make some coffee, to keep myself awake until noon.
I finished my bowl of raisin bran, and returned the bowl to the refrigerator. It was then I found out we were out of milk. After lacing up my shoes, I decided to go get some milk from the store, so I went to my room to get dressed. I didn't feel like getting clean jeans wet, so I raided the hamper for yesterday's pair.
My reflection looked back at me with tired, hanging eyes, and my neck looked like a peppered mushroom stalk, so I shaved, sloppily, and went out the door. I forgot my umbrella.
While I was walking back from
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Hazmat Bunny Contest entry 2 by XxXPink-KittenXxX Hazmat Bunny Contest entry 2 :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 0 Hazmat Bunny Contest entry 1 by XxXPink-KittenXxX Hazmat Bunny Contest entry 1 :iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 5 0
On the Crossroads of Fate c3
On the Crossroads of Fate
Chapter 3: A Sight to Behold
Rin was excited.
She sat on the edge of the driver’s seat, watching the trees fade in and out of sight as the path through the woods wound around one bend after another. Although this was hardly any different from the trips between towns with her family’s caravan, Rin couldn’t help but feel that some new adventure must be waiting around every corner. Gantz hardly spoke as he urged the horses onward, directing them only occasionally when they’d start to veer too far to either side of the path.
Stretching her arms up over her head, Rin turned about and jumped down off of the driver’s seat and into the back of the wagon. She kneed her way, over the linens and horse blankets, toward Aden. The dark elf sat at the back of the wagon, pouring over some books from the sack he’d carried out of the farmhouse from where they had absconded with their wagon.
“So, what are we going to this town by the lake for a
:iconxxxpink-kittenxxx:XxXPink-KittenXxX 0 2
On the Crossroads of Fate: c2
On the Crossroads of Fate
Chapter 2: "Steal a cart?"
Rin was tired and hungry.
It was evening now, and the sun was settling low into the west, casting a deep gloom under the forest canopy. Small creatures had begun to wake, crawling from their dens as their nocturnal hunts began. The moon was a single thin crescent of silvery light hanging on the edge of a darkened sky. Rin caught its shape in short glimpses as the odd trio trudged on through the shadowy night. The sound of Rin’s enormous sword dragging across the ground kept several small creatures a cautious distance away from the group.
“I’m bored!” Rin whined, and grunted softly as she hefted the sword up off of the ground, taking a moment to stop walking so she could rest the flat of it over one shoulder with both hands gripping it tightly. “Hey! Shouldn’t we set up camp or something? It’s getting dark.”
Aden stopped irritably and turned about slowly, his red eyes fixing on Rin. Crossing his
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Scary Eyes by chibi-sama101 Scary Eyes :iconchibi-sama101:chibi-sama101 13 11 Ruby quest - Teaser poster 1 by Dawkz Ruby quest - Teaser poster 1 :icondawkz:Dawkz 349 53 Ruby Quest by shonen-shonen Ruby Quest :iconshonen-shonen:shonen-shonen 11 5 Her Lover by Zyephens-Insanity
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Line :iconlunaticjoker:lunaticjoker 813 92


Today I met my match, and it was technology.
Nobody else in the house was awake, but I heard loud music coming from my cousin's bedroom, which was open. I walk inside, and there's a smartphone blaring some insulting idiotic nonsense. Thing was, I couldn't figure out how to stop it. I turned the volume down to no effect, I stopped the music player, and still it screamed obscenely at me with that ear-assailing caterwaul of a song. The title said "the Jerk" and I was too inclined to agree, as I stood there like a jackass trying to find a switch to shut the damned thing off. I flailed it about like a primate and threw feces at it, but that didn't work either. In the end, I don't know how I terminated its bedeviling bedlam. Only that it had left me a heaving, raging, irate fool for being too dumb to properly phone. I don't remember being that livid at anything in a long time. Must be the stress. All I know is I will never own a smartphone. I'm obviously too hackneyed to operate one.




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